Posted by : Unknown 8 nov 2011

Part of an ankylosaurid skull has likely just been found by a persistent high school science teacher whose hobby is dinosaurs, according to a report in Grand Junction, Colorado's The Daily Sentinel.
If verified, the fossil would be among the first of its kind for this armadillo-like dinosaur that lived from around 125 to 65 million years ago in North America, Europe and East Asia.


Kent Hups, a high school teacher in Westminster, Colorado, made the find.
“There’s no skulls of this kind anywhere in the world,” he told The Sentinel, while showing members of the media the more than 100-pound rock thought to contain the skull. “That’s why we get excited if we see this kind of skull. I was an inch away and I was looking in the area for 16 years. It’s about being in the right place at the right time. If we can confirm what it is, it will be very amazing.”
Hups, another teacher (Mitch Davis) and two other friends were present when the discovery was first made at the Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area. They had to use a rock saw to extract the fossil, still embedded within what was described as a "watermelon-sized rock."

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